Saturday, 7 November 2015

Celebrate the festival of light

On this 11th November 2015 Diwali will be celebrated, we join millions the world over in commending the South Asian celebration of Diwali, otherwise called The Festival of Lights.

Diwali is a yearly universal festival of euphoria. Firecrackers light up the sky; tea lights and candles light up homes as bright ensembles and moving fills the road. "Diwali" can be deciphered as "row of lights." During Diwali homes and lanes are enlivened with little earth oil lights. These symbolize the triumph of "light over obscurity" and "great over shrewdness."

Verifiability Diwali connotes the Hindu God Lord Rama getting back home in the wake of being put in a state of banishment for a long time by an insidious ruler. Some consider it to be a period to respect Lakshmi, the goddess of riches. Diwali is seen by religious gatherings other than Hindus as well, for example, Jains in South Asia, Malaysia and Singapore, and people groups of South Asian legacy living far and wide.

In India, festivity of the Diwali is done yearly and is centered around the triumph of the light over obscurity and evilness in India. This festival takes a most extreme of five days, begins with Dhanteras on the first day of the celebration, two days before Diwali night and closures at Bhai Dooj.

We wish you a happy & healthy Diwali 

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